Local Grassfed Beef Shares

Beef shares provide a delicious variety of naturally-raised, flavorful beef cuts to stock your freezer so you always have excellent meat options on hand. Whether it’s for a quick weeknight dinner or fine dining and entertaining at home, you won’t have to worry about sourcing that perfect cut of meat or wonder about the quality of meat you are feeding your family and friends.

Each share includes a variety of premium steaks, delicious roasts, ground beef and more! Refer to the Example Beef Cuts sheet to get an idea of cuts that are included with each Beef Share.

Our grassfed cattle are raised on grasses and greens, never grain, from weaning to finish and are free from unwanted added hormones and antibiotics. We provide just healthy and wholesome beef that is locally and sustainably grown in central North Carolina.

Our small scale allows us to know where our animals come from, learn about their breeding and how they have been cared for. All our cattle are managed to meet or exceed American Grassfed Association standards. A diet strictly of grass and other leafy vegetation contributes to a beneficial fat profile rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which, in turn, lends to a richer, fuller beef flavor experience.

Learn more about our farm and sustainable practices.

FREE Delivery Area

We generally deliver within an hour’s drive of the farm in Erwin, which includes the Triangle, Sandhills, and Fayetteville markets. For special delivery or requests, please contact us!