Monthly Meat UPs: Year-round Pick up of Pasture-raised Meats

We deliver our pasture-raised meat and eggs to various locations around the Triangle all year long. We know you would like access to local,  quality products even when the farmers markets are out of season. We provide that access through our Monthly Meat UP program,  your opportunity to stock up on wholesome, locally raised meat and eggs.

How it works…

No long term commitments or hefty up-front pre-payments are required as in a traditional CSA (Community Support Agriculture)  program. Just sign up for our mailing list and you will receive an email a few days prior to delivery to your area. The email will include current offerings, specials, an order form plus the latest farm news. Ordering and invoicing are also done by email. Just place your order via email at least a day ahead of your scheduled delivery. The invoice you receive will include a variety of payment options (cash, check, credit/debit card). Orders can be picked up at the following locations.

Pick Up Options

  • Fayetteville/Western Harnett (Meat UP)
  • Raleigh/Cary (Meat UP)
  • Southern Wake Co/Harnett/Johnston (Meat UP)
  • Farm Pickup (Thursdays 4-7pm)
  • Farmers Markets (weekends)

Specific locations and schedule to be detailed by email.



Once they leave the brooder, our meat chickens are raised in fenced pasture areas. They are moved frequently to access fresh grass, seeds, insects, and grit needed for digestion. This system makes for healthy and tasty birds and keeps our pastures well fertilized and healthy. From time to time, we may offer chicken from other local farms, as well (= farmers helping farmers).


Heritage breeds of pigs are raised on pasture and woodland, enjoying fresh air, rooting in the ground and wallowing. They have a varied diet of pre-consumer food scraps, brewer’s grain, and a good quality hog feed, all of which contribute to succulent, rich pork flavor. Buy by the cut or save by pre-ordering a half or whole.


Grass-fed beef from our farm and other local farms is frequently available. Purchase by the cut or order shares (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or whole) when still on the hoof.


We call our free-range laying flock the Cleanup Crew because they help spread organic matter around and eat many weed seeds plus the insects that can be a nuisance or harmful to our animals and pastures. This varied diet gives their eggs a rich golden yellow color and high nutritive content.

Turkey (holiday season)

Deposits for Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys are taken starting June. Pastureraised turkeys are juicy and full of flavor because they get to live like, well, turkeys – in the light of day, foraging seeds, vegetation, and insects with plenty of room to preen and strut around.