Beef Shares and Bundles

Beef Shares provide a delicious variety of naturally-raised, flavorful beef cuts to stock your freezer so you always have excellent meat options on hand. Whether it’s for a quick weeknight dinner or entertaining at home, you won’t have to wonder about the quality of meat you are feeding your family and friends. Each share includes a variety of premium steaks, delicious roasts, ground beef and more! See the Example Beef Cuts for what is included in each Beef Share and Add-on Pack.

8LB Ground Beef Bundle

Save $1.24/LB $9.92 savings
$63.92 $54.00

Family Value Pak

beef, pork and chicken
Save in bulk! $13.00 savings
$138.00 $125.00

1/2 Beef Share

180 lb grassfed beef cuts
Save 16% $283.00 savings
$1,768.00 $1,485.00

1/4 Beef Share

90 lb Grassfed Beef cuts
Save 14% $159.00 savings
$924.00 $765.00

1/8 Beef Share

45 lb grassfed beef cuts
Save 12% $54.00 savings
$449.00 $395.00