Bulk Buy Pork

A local, sustainably-raised pork share in your freezer puts a great selection of high quality, delicious pork at your fingertips. Whether it’s bratwurst on the grill, a pork butt in the smoker, or bacon in the pan, our pork shares offer big flavor plus lots of versatility. From easy weeknight meals to entertaining at home, you can be confident in the quality of pork you are sharing with loved ones. Our pasture-raised pork shares include sausages, chops (did we mention smoked chops, too?), roasts, ham and ribs plus some amazing bacon! We raise Heritage, old-timey breeds of pigs, which grow slower but are known for superior flavor. You’ll find our pigs outdoors on pasture or in the woods rooting and wallowing, as pigs love to do. Of course, we never use artificial growth promoters such as raptopamine, hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Our pastured pork is just good clean meat! Refer to the Example Pork Cuts sheet below to get an idea of cuts that are included with each Pork Share. Learn more about our farm and sustainability practices.