Pork Shares and Bundles

A local, sustainably-raised Pork Share in your freezer puts a great selection of high quality, delicious pork at your fingertips. Whether it’s bratwurst on the grill, a pork butt in the smoker, or bacon in the pan, our Pork Shares offer big flavor plus lots of versatility. And you can be confident in the quality you are sharing with loved ones. Our pasture-raised Pork Shares include sausages, chops, roasts, ham and ribs plus bacon made without sodium nitrate. Refer to the Example Pork Cuts sheet to see the cuts that are included with each Pork Share.

Whole Pork Share

130 lb of pork cuts

1/2 Pork Share

65 lb of pork cuts

1/4 Pork Share

35 lb of pork cuts

Family Value Pak

beef, pork and chicken
Save in bulk! $13.00 savings
$138.00 $125.00