Whole Turkeys & Turkey Breast

Serve your loved ones only the best quality turkey over the holidays. Allowing our birds to live like turkeys should – foraging woods and pasture with plenty of fresh air and sunshine – makes them flavorful and juicy without the conventional additions you don’t want.

Just $6.50/lb

Please pay your deposit ($30 per turkey) and then fill out the order form below to tell us about your order.

  • $30 deposit goes toward purchase price
  • 12-20 lbs. expected weight
  • Convenient pick up locations the weekend before Thanksgiving
  • Ready to thaw
  • Balance due upon delivery

Please Note : *In case of significant farm losses that would result in our inability to fulfill orders (despite having a buffer in number of turkeys raised), we will glady credit deposits towards the purchase of our other farm products – chicken, eggs, pork and beef – as available.